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“The address of the current and correct price in shopping!”

PriceaGel.com site is an innovative price information platform established in 2022 with the signature of Burak Cihan . Our site, which was established with the basic principles of reliable , informative , up-to-date and explanatory regarding the prices of all products sold in the Turkish market , meets the price learning needs of more than a thousand users every day .

Thanks to its powerful site infrastructure , user-friendly interface and constantly monitored site performance, users experience a practical site usage process. In the content production process, comparisons are made from many companies. The online sites of many companies, especially BİM, A101, ŞOK and Migros markets, are examined, contact is made by phone and prices are determined in this way. PriceaGel.com team of 10 people offers you up-to-date content 365 days a year. The task distribution of the team that makes the platform sustainable is as follows:

  • Field team,
  • Photo & Video production team,
  • Content editors,
  • Advertising and marketing team,
  • Social media team
  • Website team.

As the PriceGel.com platform, our main mission is to provide the user with accurate and up-to-date information, to compare products, to encourage healthy eating by providing information about the calories of the products consumed, and to display an innovative approach at all times by keeping the site infrastructure up to date. At the same time, it is part of our vision to make consumers conscious about products, while taking market and human values ​​into account. Thank you for choosing us for all your price learning needs. PriceGel.com is with you with its up-to-date content.

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